Library of Informational Links Provided by the Washington Hardwoods Commissionáááááááááááááá Feb 2003





Annual Harvest

-hardwood harvest


-USDA FS Washington inventory status



-riparian forest buffers

-riparian buffer management

-farm bill network info-use conservation buffers

Canopy Cover

-search-canopy cover



-programs, conservation policy & organizational change, current projects

-forest certification watch

-certified forest products council

-practical conservation through certified forestry


-search-photosynthesis, canopy cover, integrated ecosystem studies

-REA &VOC at Wind River as compared to managed poplar in eastern Oregon

-Pacific NW pollution prevention

Fire Prevention

-fire & aviation management

-USDA Forest Products Laboratory

-search-western wild fires, forest health

Forestry Service

-ôThe Forest Service Needs a Clear Mandateö by Jim Brown, chief environmental aide to Oregon Governor Kulongoski


-WA State GIS

-OR Dept of Forestry GIS

Growth & Yield

-timber harvest projections


-plant and animal

-ecological foundations of biodiversity team

Hardwood Conversion


-Willamette Industries, search


-conversion efficiency

Harvesting Techniques

-forest harvesting

-California forests forest management

-forest engineering-timber harvesting

-harvesting your forest -small woodland owner

-Dr Pulkki, logging, forestry

-project summaries and resource articles


-timber harvest projections

-westside forest industry

-USDA Forest Service WA inventory status

Large Woody Debris

-search-woody detritus

-large woody debris, production & input

-hydraulic & biologic effects

-Garcia River instream monitoring

-residence time of LWD in Queets River


-management regimes

-U of W landscape management╩╩╩ ╩╩╩╩╩╩system

-American Forest Foundation-tree farm

-U of W ecosystem management


-hardwood utilization


-natural benefits of riparian zone

-American water resources assoc,

-the riparian net

-riparian & wetland research program

-Colorado riparian assoc

-forest riparian easement program (F.R.E.P.)

-Maryland Cooperative extension

-resource finder, search-riparian


-WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife

Seedlings & Planting


-tree plant guide

-woodland opening plantings

-agroforestry links

-Purdue Agricultural Communication

-effects of organic composting on seedlings


-silviculture laboratory

-WSU extension services

-Hardwood Silviculture Coop

-silviculture in federal law

-SilvaForest Foundation

-silvics and silviculture

Soil Stabilization

-Canadian Forestry Links, soil

Sustainable Harvest


-WSU extension services

-hardwood foundation for sustainable forests


-sustainable forest products resource

Treatment Against Split and Infestation

-sudden death sentence for oaks

-forest health detection monitoring

-sudden oak death

-forest products laboratory, search

-forest health in Washington

-Citrus Longhorn Beetle

-Canadian forest link, insects & disease


-timber harvest projections

-silvicultural pathways ÷ thinning

-pre-commercial thinning

-commercial thinning

-backburning as alternative




Water Temperature

-WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife




General Information Sites with Links











Source by Agency, Institution, Group






American Forest Resource Council


Center for International Trade in Forest Products


Cooperative Monitoring,Evaluation & Research


Department of Natural Resources (WA)


Forest Stewardship Council


Hardwood Silviculture Cooperative


Oregon Forest Industries Council


Oregon Natural Resources Council


Oregon State University


Rural Technology Institute


Society of American Foresters


Sustainable Forestry Initiative program


Small Forest Land Office, DNR


University of Idaho


University of Oregon


University of Washington


United States Forest Service


Virginia Tech


Washington Farm Forest Association


Washington Forests Protection Association


Washington Hardwoods Commission


Washington State University











Clean Water Act


4(d) rule


RCW 15.74 (WHC enabling legislation)


WAC 244-12 (WHC WA Administrative Code)


Environmental Protection Agency


Forest & Fish


Habitat Conservation Plan

Alternate Plan Process (WAC 222-12-0401)


Forest Practices Board


Department of Natural Resources